My college years have, so far, been punctuated by great opportunities to compose freely. I have been exposed to and inspired by many great composers such as Terry Riley, Harry Partch, and Steve Reich, amongst many others. Here are some pieces that are more academically styled, and that I feel are fit for cinema.


I wrote this for an assignment called “Quantum Entanglement.” It is for string quartet and synthesizer.


Written using Fl Studio and Kontakt. Often, before I write music, I become detached from the outside world, which leads to some awkward encounters. This piece is meant to describe that hazy feeling I get some days. For plucked strings, orchestra, and synthesizer.


Written using Logic Pro X, with East West strings libraries and Omnisphere. This piece is a creepy ambient piece for synths and orchestra.


This is a collage piece of a few old records I have lying around. I found the a capella from one of my favorite hip hop tracks, the “Ill Street Blues,” by Kool G Raps, and I decided I would compile it with samples from a polka album I bought. I ripped the drums from “This Too Shall Pass” by OK Go.

Live Performances

Send – Ascend – Transcend: Piano and Clarinet Duet
Emily Cook – Clarinet