Christopher Wood is a composer and creator of sound centered in the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His work can be seen from the screen of your local film festival to the dance floor, spanning across mediums from film scoring, to beat making, to experimental electronic art music composition. Recent projects of his include collaboration with students attending Pittsburgh Filmmakers school of film production and commissioned scores for Scranton-native director Andy Morgan including Sting, which was premiered at the first annual Belin Film Festival in Waverly, PA. In addition to this, Christopher has interned with the Grammy award-winning audio engineers at Audible Images recording studio, and currently works at the up and coming Pittsburgh hip-hop studio The Beat Inferno.

A native of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Christopher had been creating music from the time he was a child. By the time he was a teenager, he was creating little techno songs and performing them at art festivals downtown. He has since dedicated much of his life to discovering new ways to procure unique sounds for his pieces. This exhibition brought him to Duquesne University, where he refined his compositional ear and expanded his knowledge of synthesizer programming technique under the tutelage of Dr. Lynn Purse and Dr. Patrick Burke. The result has been a vision to combine the worlds of the electronic and the organic in a new and exciting way.

The future holds many mysteries, but it could also include Christopher’s music on one of your projects. Click here to get in contact.